Ananga! / L'urlo del giaguaro

DD 133, 134
October, 1997



Is it really the powerful God Jaguar that’s infesting the body of beautiful Juma? The echo of lost rites and ancient curses rings out from the Amazon forest… A long-fanged demon has found his way right into the center of the city! Dylan asks Martin Mystère for advice, and he looks for answers in Mister No’s adventures, but the slaughtering continues. On the streets of London, once again there rings out… the howl of the jaguar!

Ananga! The immortal spirit of the jaguar – the fury of violated nature – continues to spill blood all over the city, and a terrible suspicion as well as a cruel destiny hovers around the mysterious Juma. But Dylan believes she is innocent. Amid dreams and vague promotions, he will have to reconstruct an unsuspected truth. The murderous claw, the fury of the primeval beast, actually has a human face…

When Dylan turns to Martin for advice, Martin tells a story starring Mister No, dealing with that spirit Ananga (the summary of MN 90-92). However, Martin warns Dylan that the story is not reliable since it comes from a "heavy drinker" as Jerry Drake.


MN 90-92


Release: 11/1982

Script-Writer: Tiziano Sclavi
Artwork: Fabio Civitelli
Ananga is the evil spirit praised by many Indio tribes. After the palmist Isaura has forewarned Mister No of his meeting with an evil being, our hero receives a visit from Abigail Wolfe, the wife of Peter Wolfe, a strange client who parachuted into the jungle from Mister No’s Piper. Jerry and Abigail go into the jungle to search for Peter, where they undergo strange rituals and meet him…Ananga!
Ananga, the evil spirit, has reincarnated himself as Wolfe, who brings death to Manaus, killing the beautiful Isaura. Even Wolfe’s wife, Abigail, in the end is possessed by this evil being…Mister No must fight him: but how do you kill a spirit?