La leggenda di / Amber Il Sigillo Nero

DP 43, 44

Teamup of:

October, 2003



From the darkest depths of Wales, an ancestral horror has emerged forth: the Tylwyth Teg, the Little People, who have broken out from the underground world of Annwn in which they were closed up thousands and thousands of years ago. Now it’s the Tylwyth Teg, together with a terrible creature of the lake, that are tormenting the mining village of Llandegant, in the region of Snowdonia, the very area where Harlan and Tesla arrive in search of the writer Dolly MacLaine who seems to have disappeared into thin air. Battling against monstrous bloodthirsty demons, it’s not long before the dampyr and his alluring travel mate realize that the Little People are far less jolly than the way they’re made out to be in fairy tales. Luckily, the pair have a really special ally fighting alongside with them: Amber Tremayne, the striking Mistress of the Night who, according to the terms of an ancient debt contracted at the time of the Roman presence in Britain, keeps watch over the inhabitants of the village…

The tower of Dynas Emrys is all that remains of the ancient castle of King Vortigern. And it’s also the passageway that leads down into the underground world of Annwn - the place those ghoulish members of the “Beautiful Family” have come back from: in other words, it’s the place of origin of the Tylwyth Teg, those demons in the service of Black Annis. What has enabled them to start off on their forays again is archaeologist Matthew Shady’s breaking of the magic seal that had kept them imprisoned. Luckily for the imprudent scholar, the protecting aura of Amber Tremayne casts a defensive net over him, and so does that of a born fighter like Kurjak. The match that’s being played out in the village of Llandegant between Annis the Black’s infernal hordes and the team composed of Harlan, Tesla and Amber reaches its epilogue in none other than the well-shaft that extends deep down below Dynas Emreys. Legend has it that way back in ancient times cruel Vortigern, eager to clinch a pact with the obscure forces, flung a young warrior into this well: no ordinary warrior but the offspring of the union between the Roman-Britannic condottiero Macsen Wledig and a woman of demonic nature. The warrior’s name was Emrys, called Aurelio Ambrosio by the Romans, and he was the half-brother of Artos, who in later years would be known by the name of Arthur…

Dexter Green! (ie: official continuity with Zagor!)