I vampiri di Londra / La notte dei pipistrelli / Città di ombre / Harlan contro Draka

DP 133, 134, 135, 136

Teamup of:

April, 2011



Between the old warehouses on the River Thames, the Gothic palace of Lord Marsden is hidden to anyone who can’t see through illusions. When a self-proclaimed vampirologist from London, Jack Tarrant, finds the mansion while investigating about South Seas Company’s property, Harlan Draka decides to pay a courtesy call to his arch-nemesis. Their appointment is to be postponed to another time and place, in a past resurfaced through the encounter between Bram Stoker, the writer of “Dracula”, and the legendary traveller, Arminius Vambèry. A past that will lead Harlan from the steppes of the “Lord of Death”, Erlik Khan, to the wolf-infested woods of Transylvania...

Drummond School, in Dorset, is an institution with a noble and ancient tradition. When some of its young students are ensnarled by a trap set by the Master of the Night, Lord Marsden, strange and unherad of events take place. Only an alliance between Dampyr and co. and some of the most brilliant minds in London can save the kids: a bunch of brave people will have to cross the borders of time and space...

Gaslights, carriages, sailing ships moored on the Thames’ docks, and the sinister underworld of Whitechapel... Who’s the blood-thirsty killer that’s menacing London? According to Bram Stoker and professor Vambéry, it’s the Master of the Night, Draka. And according to Harlan? While looking for the disappeared kids, Dampyr begins to have doubts about the true identity of his enemy. Those who stay in a parallel world for a long time, are at risk of losing memory of what things were like... Having severed his psychic contacts with his friends in our world, Harlan increasingly sees all his certainties and memories vanish, except maybe for the name of his greatest enemy...

Scattered in a parallel world that resembles the 1890s London, Harlan and his friends erased all their memories of who they are and where they come from. But they still are sure of one thing: they know they’re vampire hunters, there to eliminate a dangerous Master of the Night. Along with their new friends, Bram Stoker and Arminius Vambéry, Harlan and Tesla (under their new identities of Van Helsing and Mina Harker) enter the fortified palace of Carfax to kill the vampire, Draka! He’s not Harlan’s father, but an identical alter ego. But Lord Marsden knows that if Harlan will kill this “twin”, the Draka of our world would be severely weakened... If the Dampyr, the true one, would die, Marsden’s triumph would be even more absolute... Meanwhile, Kurjak, Hulagu and Murphy are caught by Marsden himself and his cruel godson Morningstar...

In a flashback involving meeting of some scientists in 1890 next to Bram Stocker we see an old Dexter Green (an enemy of Zagor), not passive or in the background, but very active in the conversation.