Sogni di sangue

BR 20

Teamup of:

August, 2001



In the city of Lostown, some people appear to be going insane… One of them, Aileen, starts talking about some Red King or other, maybe little more than a figment of the imagination. Brendon knows this is actually the fairy-tale character, a being that fulfils men’s desires. But the Red King is also a tragic trickster: sometimes he even brings nightmares to life, and perhaps that’s what’s happening in Lostown. So Brendon sets out to track down the Red King, venturing into the memories of Joey, a young boy who’s embroiled in this story. Brendon’s quest turns out to be a race against time, a challenge that will crucially decide the fate of Aileen, who’s been sentenced to be hanged on the river at dusk…

Again we see ruins of Dylan Dog apartement and his famous Beetle!